Monday, 31 May 2010

Brain tumor fear

The nothingness of death, the fear that there is nothing on the other side. Or at least thats what I'm trying to illustrate. I felt that I had to finally do this illustration, as a great wave of brain tumor fear came over me. I hate brain tumor fear, its the worst kind of fear, because it gets right inside of you, making you shiver, and really difficult to get off your mind.
I've been getting nose bleeds, is that a symptom, I'm too scared to google it. It feels weird reverting back to the fears I had when I was a child, although it wasn't just brain tumors, it was also asteroids and volcanoes.
When your a child it doesn't matter, you haven't done anything, or at least, you don't think you ought to have done anything. Now you start to feel like your meant to know what your doing.  Like you should have achieved something. Like climbed Everest. or something less ridiculous.
I need to find an achievement for myself.
Preferable within the timeframe that my symptoms give me.
Which could theoretically be tomorrow. I mean the roof could collapse right now, causing the beam in my ceiling to cause sever brain damage, either leaving me a vegetable, or killing me on impact.

This is what happens when I don't have anyone to talk to. I think I need to sort this out, I should be able to stay sane, I mean thats a general rule for society.

When did I become such a bitch.

"I really think that Van Gogh was the greatest artist that ever lived" every time I hear that phrase come out of someone's mouth the first thing which comes to my mind is, WHAT AN IDIOT. And not even the good kind of idiot, the bad kind, where they think they know what there talking about. Those people think there making a statement by saying that, "I like something which isn't exactly as it should be, I'm interesting, and have heard of an incredibly famous artist". There the kind of people who think that Dali defines surrealism (note if you haven't seen BBC's Modern Masters, Dali, you really must, they treat Noel Fielding as an art expert, really is a must see, if only to shout at the TV). Seriously when did I become this person, who judged someone for liking Van Gogh, what's wrong with me, I've become a characture of myself. It may just be that its always the same kind of people who say things like that. Usually arrogant, who automatically think that because they've gone to an art gallery that makes them an art critic. And tend to be delusional of there own self importance, I don't mean to be a bitch, I'm sure I used to be one of those people. I think I'm may just be annoyed by nostalgia almost. Although is it really nostalgia if you've never experienced it, maybe more longing for the past they never experienced. And by making a comment like that, in there mind you can see instantly that they don't really care for modern art. Usually because they know very little about it. And they don't realise that everything, literally everything had an artist of some kind involved. See now I just sound pretentious. 

"I really think that Van Gogh was the greatest artist that ever lived", "Give me Monet any day over one of these so called modern artists". If those words ever come out of you mouth I lose respect for you I've decided. You can't see the legacy of modern art, within graphic, and industrial design, you don't concept because you don't understand it. And you arrogance in saying this, is just a cover up for you ignorance, which your desperately hoping no one will uncover. Or maybe you reveal in your ignorance. And in that case get back to reading "The Sun", some pedophiles need to be lynched.

See I've become a judgmental bitch, I'm not sure why, maybe its this course which teaches you to look down on people, or maybe its the fact that my family are down stars, and there the kind of people who say that.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

So whats hell?

Apart from the impending doom of epic failure, what does one perceive as hell, and how do you clearly illustrate hell without fire and brimstone.

Is this hell, or is it just a bit weird.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Look at my creature

Its meant to be the first living thing for my book, or something like that. It symbolises life basically.
Anyway I like it, which usually means no one else will.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

More project stuff

I love FMP, two posts in one day, as I have neglected the work I should have done sooooo much.

Let us make God in our own image. 

How illustrative and non typographic is this, oh well its an idea, it'll hopefully be developed.

Wow look at my shit project.

I hate it when you get an offer asking you to achieve a certain grade.
I hate it even more when that grade is near impossible to reach.
This is what I have made for it. Its basically something a five year old could do but made by me.

Its meant to represent, "Let us make man in our own image", I don"t think it does that somehow.