Saturday, 13 March 2010

Which ones better

Ok  I have done more than this today, however its not yet finished so I'll probably post that all tomorrow if I ever finish it. Knowing me I will probably have lost interest over the night. But basically which one looks better, its all for a master plan, which may be revealed if as I said I can be bothered.

There is this version without text, which when I asked my mother looked like "A stylised ultra scan". Why she thinks I would design a slightly arty ultra-scan is beyond me but that was her first thought.

On the other hand there is this with type not very different to be honest. I was thinking one with just the "Z" in there, but my mum thought that was whey to crazy. Although your feedback would be awesome, now I have the monumental number of 4 followers. Yes count them its seriously unbelievable is it not. Anyway back to watching a chick flick about shoes.

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