Monday, 8 November 2010

When are they going to relise I'm a fraud?

Seasonal music at the Eden project. That was a fun project.
As you can see I didn't do very well, but I think I dazzled the tutor by my ability to blow ink and use photoshop. There going to relise soon, I'm sure of it, that I'm an illustrator who can't draw, or not an illustrator. Someone trying to be an illustrator who can't draw. Thats never going to work. 
I can use photoshop yes, I can maybe put together an image. Maybe? I'm still evaluating myself about this. But thats something you can learn, anyone can learn. 
I'm basically doing a degree in drawing, and I can't even do that, this is scary. I wonder what will happen when the find out that I'm a complete impostor, someone who acts the role of a confident image making machine, whilst really there only talent is manipulation.
I mean of images, I've never been very good at lying, just hedging the subject until I'm asked directly.

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