Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Some stuff I did last term and should probably put up to show my family!

A brief full of editorial illustrations, I had 6 weeks, for 5½ weeks of that I feel asleep watching news 24 on mute. As you can see I may have learnt thats not a good idea!

Dig Your Doctor.
Something about how you can use things in your garden to cure you. It was very dull.

Game Over
An article about the way in which the virtual world is seeping into the real world, and how by interfacing its like a pack mentality and releases endorphins. I would have loved to make it all Edgar Wright, but I'm not that good, so I had to settle for watercolour backgrounds instead.

Total Recall
Something about memory and the way in which some people remember everything that ever happend to them, storing it in there head for ever. However because of this flood of memories can come to you, making it not quite the brilliant gift it initially appears

So this is why I need to stop using watercolor textures.

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