Thursday, 17 January 2013

My Online Presence

Above is what I suspect will probably become the homepage for my website. The website which will attempt to try and sell me to people who have money and are willing to pay for the services I provide.  Those services being pictures, (which I don't think pays quite as well as some areas of prostitution),  unfortunately no matter what what you are attempting to sell you always have to present yourself as a certain version of yourself. The version of you which is professional, and intelligent, and works hard, however still has an active social life and doesn't allow themselves to become consumed by work, although will always get the job done to a high standard. You know that version of you which doesn't exist. I need to start using twitter and try and present to that imaginary audience that I have a good social life, doing really intelligent culturally valid things. Editing the things I enjoy and who I am , and only share the pretentious side of me, like how much I enjoyed The Master. However I exclude anything which may not be culturally valid. Such as my weird obsessions with The Biggest Loser, X Factor or Heat magazine because if you don't like them ironically then seriously how can anyone think that you might be able to make an image look nice.

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