Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Well this is Rediculas

Sorry its been such a long time since the last time I posted, I'd like to say its because I've just been so snowed under with work, but I think its mainly been that I started watching Game of Thrones and realised that that was something you really couldn't by halves. But I am now totes up to date with that so really don't have any excuse not to blog.

So the variety of this that have happend since I last posted, I made business cards, and a website, in an attempt to try an appear that I had some kind of professionalism within me. I then went to New York to really sell that persona I had created for myself. Yer I think I really need to work on that professional side of myself, and that I am really not very comercial, although you know I'm about to enter the real World so you know I totes have the time to work out where my work could sit in some kind of way to make money.

But now I've finished what is there to do. I've place all my work in a pile so people can add some kind of numerical value on it, which will then validate it? Or tell you that it really wasn't worth you slogging for the last three years. 
Sorry this is my own personal thing about being given a percentage of how good you are. I'd prefer just know someones opinion rather than some indescifreble numerical value, but unfortunately thats not how education works, people like to be ranked.

But yes sorry this is becoming incredibly rambling I shall try and post a bit more regularly now that 17years of education is over, however I am currently trying to learn about HTML and CSS, because thats how I roll, and also because I really dislike how my website currently looks.

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