Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I've just bought a one way ticket to Finland.

What the fuck have I just done, I'm soo scared and I don't even know why. Why have I become so scared, I should embrace things like this rather than get my friend to talk me into thinking thats this is a really good idea and not terrifying. I have absolutely no idea whats going to happen when we get there, and maybe thats the thing I don't like. After 4 weeks of pretty much spending all my time in front of a screen of some kind maybe this is exactly what I need. I mean the most I have achieved over the last few weeks, is drinking a good amount, without being sick either that night, or the morning after. That really is an achievement for me.
This is going to be good for me, as long as I'm not crippled by fear.
I'll miss you mac, and internet, I'm not sure when I'll see you again once I leave.

I know I shouldn't miss the internet, but I'm sure I will, whats wrong with me.
I think I have an emotional attachment to the internet.

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