Friday, 15 January 2010

Ok so blog, righteo what do I really say or do, never really done this before. Well actually I tell a lie I have. On myspace, but personally I wouldn't say that, that was terrible successful, as it just resulted in me being incredibly self indulgent, and depressed. Which I'm not, I'm happy, and I do not want to be classed as self indulgent. Although is this being self indulgent, saying what I'm not sure.If it is I am sorry, I don't mean to be, I just always end up saying what I'm thinking at the time if I'm allowed to write. Because in real life you can't do that. You have to edit yourself as you go. Your in a social situation, and due that must conform to social pleasantries, and rules. It can just be very easy to get confused as to what those are, and what to do in stressful situations, such as choosing where to sit.
Well look at me now. I'm just waffling which I think Is almost certainly self indulgent.

OK well the reason why I set this up, not because everyone else at colle
ge has, and I want to be like everyone else. That would never be the reason for anything. I never do things because everyone else does. I am an artist, I am never influence by such things.
So yeah thats the basic reason I am an artist (something which obviously isn't the kind of thing a pretentious twat would say.) And they recommended we set ourselves up a blog to post a work. Although so far I've just made inane comments about nothing.
So I must post my artwork. I think. So this is my work. Not really sure what to say about it except that it doesn't look very good in real life,
but I really like the way I've arranged this slide and thats why I've posted it.

Well now I'm not really sure what to do, do I say bye, its a whole new world. Maybe I should go and find myself some friends on this crazy website, other wise I am just talking to myself. Which I'm not sure but I think it could be a sign of madness.

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