Saturday, 23 January 2010

Sexcaliber hrosspower

I hate eportfolios, I hate them so much, your just there nit picking, looking at the photos you've taken realising that you've got a miscellaneous shadow, however are unable to do anything as the light has faded. You look at your work and wonder, "is this really what they are looking for?". Thinking about all the other people applying for the same course, and how much better their portfolios will be, wondering how to make yours stand out. Also the other reason why I hate doing it, not only because its soul destroying looking at your work in that context, wishing it to be good. But also the amount of time it takes to make them, the hours spent in front of photoshop, simply arranging your work in an aesthetically pleasing, yet functional manner.

Its obsessive, it really is, just trying to make something good, hoping that if you have enough images it'll present who you are.

My eportfolio, of course many people will be able to pass judgment as I have one follower. Why am I even bothering writing this. No ones going to read it. Nobody even knows I've written it. No one knows I've spent day creating a selection of eimages, to be sent off to euniversities, so as they can pass their ejudgment.

Well at least I've just thought of yet another soul destroying thing.

If a blog is written, but no one reads it, has a blog been written at all.

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